Jaw Crusher Guard Plate To Promote The Company's Technological Innovation And Then Climb A New High

Crusher in the mining process which is already an indispensable equipment, crusher equipment jaw crusher in the most widely used, whether in mining or for the production line crushing operations, are less Jaw Crusher Guard Plate The But there is a drawback, that is, jaw crusher liner, side panels are consumables, wear faster, usually to time, timely replacement.

In 2016, according to the Jaw Crusher Guard Plate tooth peak angle, tooth height and pitch ratio and other factors on the previous year set the E plate technology transformation, the new jaw plate cycle life cycle extended to 95 days, the annual reduction of 248,000 yuan.

In April 2017, Zuo Taitong Innovation Studio will be jaw crusher another consumable - edge guard technology into the technical innovation project topics for research. When the Jaw Crusher Guard Plate wear off 25 mm must be replaced, and jaw crusher side guards have been using the original Mitchell spare parts is one of the reasons leading to high cost costs. Innovative studio staff according to the original jaw crusher, the bottom of the shape and thickness of the shield in the same thickness on the homogenization of manganese steel plate, the lower side of the board, after 2 months of trial found homemade edge guard than the United States manufacturers cut the use of the edge plate shortened Half of the annual fixed cost costs are reduced, the annual reduction of 70,000 yuan.

The transformation is Zuo Taidong innovation studio technology innovation plan in one of the Jaw Crusher Guard Plate consumables in the field of one of the major breakthroughs for my company to promote the "whole process of cost control + reform and innovation" Took a crucial step.